Directed By: Amanda Strong

Written By: Daniel T Fischer

Produced By: Amanda Strong, Luke Sargent, Brett Long

Animated By: Brett Long

Story By: Amanda Strong, John Sedore

Story Editor: Shane Belcourt

Puppet Creation: Amanda Strong, Terril Calder, JP Navidad

Puppet Consultant: Terril Calder

Set Construction: Winston Hacking

Props: Winston Hacking, Danny Guay, Laura Nhem, JP Navidad, Amanda Ho

Costume Design: Alana McLeod

VFX: Stephen Patrick Bosco, Sahar Homami, Marjan Farsad, Amanda Strong, Jeff Sinisac

Grip: Ben Donoghue, John Reed Hryszkiewicz, Brett Long, Danny Guay, Mitchell Scott Rathgeb

Editor: Luke Sargent

Post Production Supervisor: Luke Sargent, John Reed Hryszkiewicz

Digital Imaging Technician: John Reed Hryszkiewicz

Online Editor NFB: Yannick Carrier

Technical Coordinator NFB: Steve Halle

Original Music Composed By: Jordan O’Connor

Foley Recordist: Geoff Mitchell

Re- Recording Mixer: Geoff Mitchell

Sound Design: Kevin F. Brown

Foley Artist: Mitchell Scott Rathgeb

Additional Foley: Danny Guay

Production Manager: Danny Guay

Production Assistant: Mitchell Scott Rathgeb

Production Coordination NFB: Stephanie Lalonde

Project Mentor: Terril Calder

Produced with the assistance of: 

Canada Council for the Arts

National Film Board of Canada- Filmmakers Assistance Program

Ontario Arts Council